Saturday, February 23, 2019

Parsing Lines of a File with Elisp

I finally figured out how to do some parsing of a file with emacs.

I was trying to setup some synchronization of my config files with a Github repository. I wanted to DRY the information fed into my .emacs files, and that fed into the script that would copy those config files into my Github repository.

I already have the files being synched with Dropbox and I didn't want Dropbox to be synchronizing any .git/ files. That's why I can't just have my .emacs file pick them up out of a Git repository. All my .emacs configurations are setup under Dropbox.

This took me over four hours. I have not really done much string parsing in Emacs (Elisp), but I think it is common to parse a buffer instead of a string, if you want to parse a file. Hence, the call to with-current-buffer.

I was then able to write a one-line shell script to bring the files from the Dropbox-supervised directory to the Git-supervised directory. Then I can do a git add and git commit, and push the files to Github in this repo.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

YScan8: A YouTube "fervor" calculator.

I deployed a new web application to

It calculates "fervor" for a given YouTube video. You can submit any video link to see its fervor.

The app is built with PHP. I used PHP 7.2.10, and the Laravel app framework.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Current SC2 Strategy Mindsets in All Three Matchups

I am a Diamond 3 Zerg. This is what is on my mind against all three races. I as usual struggle to remember to spread creep, inject my hatcheries, and saturate my expansions (and even main base).

I don't really have detailed builds for any of the three matchups.

I usually have a build like this:
16 hatch
15 Pool and extractor
19 Overlord
First queen, then second queen if the map is small like dreamcatcher, or a third hatch if the map is large like 16-bit.

I expect to make zerglings in the early game to try to have early fights. Then I expect to tech to roaches with speed, followed by 1/1 range/carapace upgrades, followed by hydras and then lurkers. The games usually end here if they have made it this far.

17 hatch
16 extractor and pool
19 overlord
Queen and then either another queen or a third hatchery.

I frequently see an early factory and I make 4-5 roaches to counter what I expect will be a 4-hellion runby.

Other things I see are banshees (sometimes pooled), and a marine/tank/medivac push. I try to get a lair so that I can send an overseer into the Terran’s base to see what his plans are. Once the Terran has tanks out (at least one), I find it very hard to attack their base. So I try to max out.

Against marines I make speed banelings. Against mech I make almost pure hydras while trying to reach vipers for blinding cloud.

This is a difficult matchup for me.

16-17 hatch, extractor and pool
19 Overlord and queen
Usually a third hatchery if I see that they indeed expanded.

I expect to make hydras against almost anything I see right now. Sometimes I try to use zerglings and speed banelings, too. I don’t really know what tier-3 tech to use. When they make carriers, I try to out maneuver them with nydus canals but this doesn’t work very well. I sometimes also try to make infestors for neural parasite. Actually, I do make lurkers almost every game against P unless they are trying heavy air all game. I find that lurkers and hydras work well, or as well as anyone could ask for at this level.

I will eventually get mutalisks and begin muta attacks on probe lines if the game goes on for that long. I do this against Terran as well.